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Our stuff is on it's way!
11 Aug 2010
Gosh! Just reading an email makes it even more real again! Our things were collected on 16th July but we were only part container so we've been waiting for notification that it's on it's way. Received an email last night to say it is now Australian bound on a ship called Sabrina! Look after my things Sabrina - please!! Estimated arrival 2nd October so fingers crossed we wont actually end up with too long without anything as we are in our holiday let till 4th October and after living in the caravan it's amazing how you just adapt to not having alot! We have to buy new beds for the kids anyway so thought we'd just go to a mattress on the floor and sit on deckchairs till the sofa arrives! It's such an adventure and we're getting really excited with so many lovely things happening over the next few weeks before we start our new lives. Hope all you Aussiemovers are well! Take Care, Clare x
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