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6 months & a bit!!
24 Mar 2011
WOW!! Where does the time go?? So much has happened since we've been here but starting to feel like home now. I still can't get out of the habit of saying 'UK' instead of 'Home' but I think now that I have 2 homes, here and the UK so I count myself as lucky. It's been a journey and still have highs and lows but I'm expecting that it will always be like that because that's just life. Unforutatley this week I had to go into hospital, although only briefly, it brings back how far away you are from home when you can't just dump the kids with someone and go. However, we have been amazingly lucky on the friends front and one of our amazing friends sat with the kids for us till we got back which was a massive relief for us.

Lauren & Harry are very settled now. Lauren loves school and has really settled into the Aussie style of living. She was wandering around early drinking a choco milk out the carton with a straw and I just had to have a smile! Harry is much more settled now that he has started Kindy. He still doesn't understand why he can't go every day but at least he has stopped asking when we are going back to the airport now!! He said he was cold the other morning so I told him that's because we're getting near to winter. His reply was 'good - that means snow!' and when I told him we don't get snow he replied 'that's a shame, but at least Santa is coming soon!' Bless him!

Steve loves everything about being here although he still isn't 100% on his job he likes being home by 4pm every day so he's not complaining! He would like to work for himself again now after saying he'd never do it again. He want's to do something around school hours next year when Harry starts full time so that we don't have to rely on childcare anymore. At $440 a week it's a big bill to pay out. He has totally embraced the Aussie trades way of enjoying their beer and loves his weekly catch up with his drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking partner!!!! (you know who you are!!) He is also a memeber of Carramar Social Golf Club so plays every week again now so that makes him happy to!

I started a new job last Monday as a Recruitment Consultant for Gel Group in the City and love it. It's really helped me to feel alot more settled over the last couple of weeks. I am so busy that the days just fly by which is what I like! So if anyone out there needs help or assistance in finding work then just let me know!! Am always happy to help whether your new to Perth or just fancy a change!

We are going to stay in the rental we are in until we can buy so will probably be another 12 months. We saw a lovely mortgage advisor last week (if anyone wants her details just let me know) and shouldn't have a problem getting a mortgage so just need to save the deposit now! Still a little bit undecided on where although we've narrowed it down. Steve loves Carramar (near to Golf!!) but I go to work on the train so would like to be walking distance to a station if possible. I can walk now and I really enjoy being able to have the choice there.

My parents, brother & his partner visited over Xmas which was lovely but maybe a bit soon to have visitors as it unsettled us a bit. My brother & his partner live in Christchurch so things were a bit scarey when the earthquake hit but luckily they got out ok and their house didn't suffer to badly. We hope to go and visit them soon. Maybe in winter so Harry can see some snow!! My cousin is coming to stay in November and we are looking forward to that. Other's have said they are visiting this year but no-one has booked so will wait and see how that goes. It's great to see people but on the other hand we kind of need to get on with things a bit too.

We have been amazingly lucky to make some great friends. They have made the last 6 months a much better journey and I really don't know where I'd be without them. I know that you can't just replace your friends from the UK, you can't just replace friendships that you have built up over 20 - 30 years. What I do feel though is that those friends you do make over here that are true friends, you bond with quicker and I think that is purely down to the situation that you are all in. A gorgeous friend that we made over here explained it to me that the friends you bond with here are the 'family that you choose' and she is so right. Alot of our really good friends are fellow Aussiemovers and I could name & shame but I wont! You have all been truely amazing and we are very priveledge to have met you and feel blessed to have you become part of our lives. (mush over!!)

What does the futer hold?? I don't know! But I do know that we have no regrets in making the move even though it's been hard and I do feel that we are here to stay.

Hope to keep in touch with lots of you and for those still on their journey - good luck & keep going!

Take Care x
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