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Eyebrow shapening 03 Dec 2009
Eyebrow shapening
03 Dec 2009
There are alot of enquiries about Threading of Eyebrows. Many of them are wondering whether waxing is better than Threading.

I thought I could share more with you on this.

Unlike waxing, threading does not cause breakouts, redness or pigmentation. Ingrown hairs are almost impossible to happen since the thread removes each and every hair from the roots! This is fantastic for those who have sensitive skin!
Threading is very hygienic, as a new thread is used every time. If you have your facial hair threaded consistently, the hair follicle will weaken and become less dense, so eventually there is less or no hair growth. Waxing can peel or burn the top layer of your facial skin, and overtime it can result in the skin loosening and developing wrinkles this is why it is best used for facial hair removal.
Threading involves NO chemical products, NO hot or burning products, only a single pure cotton thread.
A small summary of threading:
You can thread every 3 weeks with clear, sleek lines
Threading does not leave scars since it is all done at room temperature, rather than with hot wax.
Threading does not cause ingrown hairs, unlike waxing does!
Threading can be done in all parts of the face

You could call me for more details or make an appointment : Erica Buck -0438899997
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