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Visa Nearly done
18 May 2010
Hi Clare & Secret Squirrel

we just don't have any update at the moment. Our full application is done, and medicals were sent to Sydney, but just awaiting confirmation that we have our visa. Not really sure how long it should take. We had our house valued, but until we have the visa we cannot risk putting it on the market.
Thanks for keeping in touch, greatly appreciated :)
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20 Feb 2010
We have now booked in to have our Medicals. The only place local is Knightsbridge. Expensive too
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18 Feb 2010
Hi Clare

Thanks, keep in touch maybe us Newbies can meet up....
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17 Feb 2010
So excited, Diac have informed us we are on the final stage of our visa application. We need to do medical and police checks and then it should be finalised.
Seems to have taken no time at all, considering the application was submitted in full, mid December.

fingers Crossed we will be in Oz by September.

So much to start arranging.....

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