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Not So Secret
23 Jan 2010
We have only been back 2 weeks and it feels like months already.
Think the next few weeks and months at work are going to be really tough. As always, I am up for the challenge and do not even have the thought of another holiday on the horizon to keep me going.
I have probably done a 6 day week in 5 and will only be paid for 4 1/2. Does not really seem fair but I am grateful I have a job and will hopefully be paid next week!
We have sent off the initial paperwork to the agent today, so hopefully the ball has been set in motion now.
I feel much better about things today like a weight has been lifted.
I know it is very early and it will take months but I told my parents and my little sister that we are moving. They are sworn to secrecy and I think they feel honoured that we have told them at this very early stage. It also means they make the most of the time until we move and spoil us rotten. (More take away dinners please Mum!)
My Mum and Dad had already guessed! They thought that we had already applied and had gone on holiday for a rekkie to work out where we wanted to live! They were really pleased for us and thought it was wonderful news. They had expected me to go about 5 years ago!
My little sis was in floods of tears and said she would really miss me. (Ah Bless!) I was not very sympathetic and told her to be realistic, we probably only see each other 4 times a year (she lives about 3 hours drive away) so it wont be much different. We do talk on the phone about 4 times a week, but I convinced her we would be able to skype just as often and to stop being a drama queen. I cheered her up by saying just think how funny it will be to see my niece kiss her auntie on the computer screen anyway. She is now over the initial shock and is thinking about the free holidays she can have!