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Really Lucky!
08 May 2010
I think accountants will be on the new list as they are a highly skilled occupation that takes years to train for.
From what our agent said they are expecting lesser skilled jobs to be removed from the list as they have been trying to encourage Australian youngsters to train to do these jobs eg chefs and hairdressers etc.
We have not booked our medicals yet but know where we have to go and they do everything the same day.
Our lives are a bit manic at the moment as the business sale goes through in 3 weeks. My husband is trying to sell as much stock as possible to free up cash before it all goes through!
He has been a bit sad the last few days as it is the end of an era (and reality has finally hit.) Think he is also a bit scared now about the prospect that we will be financially reliant on my wage and we will not be able to save any more money for Australia.
We even met through his business about 15 years ago and we have lots of friends because of the business.
Most people think we are selling because business has been really difficult over the last 18 months and I know he is desperate to tell everyone the truth! There has to be some hand over time so we wont be disappearing completely just yet. A little part of me wishes we were though as I can not wait to start our new life!
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08 May 2010
I feel really lucky that our application was lodged last week with DIAC as (in their words) they have 'temporarily suspended the acceptance of certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications'
I have checked on the website and this is for all 175, 176 and 475 visa applications. They are expected to reopen to new applications from 30 June and this will coincide with the publication of the new SOL.
I feel really sorry for everyone who is currently trying to get all their documents, forms and skills assessments ready for lodgement. They will now have to wait nearly 2 months with the added stress that they also do not know whether they will qualify under the new rules and regulations.

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