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12 Jul 2010
No we have not heard anything yet!
Our medicals show as finalised and received on the first page of the online status application but in the document checklist they still show as requested not met (like all the other documents.)
Our estate agent has been to take pictures and do our home energy check so hopefully the house will be on the market by the end of the week.
It is my birthday today so the best present I could wish for is our visa to be granted, failing that I am going to have a lovely day with my husband.
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19 Jun 2010
Our agent has told us that from here it normally takes between 6 and 8 weeks for your visa to be granted!

I think we have decided to sell our house!
The estate agent has said that we do not need to do or change anything as long as it is clean and tidy for viewings. We do need to finish the decorating we have started though! So we wont be spending the money we had put aside for decoration and adding value.

We wont get much after all the fees but we want to have every penny we can for our new life. We still have to speak to our mortgage company to see if we can reduce the redemption fee as this is extortionate. It would be cheaper to leave the house empty until next May (the end of our current deal) rather than pay the fee (it is nearly 28 months mortgage payments!)

Our aim is to be in Perth before Christmas. I am not sure how realistic this is going to be as it really depends upon the sale of the house. Any help or advice on achieving this would be gratefully received.
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16 Jun 2010
Medicals attended, police clearances received, house to be valued tomorrow, now the impatient waiting begins!
We have got a sweep stake going for the date of our visa being granted, I wonder who will be closest!
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