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07 Jan 2011
The house is almost ready for our tennants to move in, we've painted and finished off ongoing DIY jobs which we had been putting off. We've had to pay out a lot on Gas and electrical testing certificates, Landlords insurance and we've got a British Gas Landlords homecare agreement so fingers crossed we don't encounter too much added expense over the year its let.

Almost finished cancelling the hundred and one things there is to cancel. Had dental appointments so we are good for the next 6 months. Gavin had a phone interview with a job agency this morning so that's looking promising. We spent this evening shredding all unessasary paperwork - two black bin liners full!!

I'm doing a big car boot this sunday and we have a skip arriving on Monday ready to clear out the house.

Taxi to the airport had been booked. I've confirmed with Qantas that we can take the car seat onboard for our youngest, Jack but they had to change our initial seating plan and we now have 3 seats together and one
across the aisle, its at the end of a row so no one behind and we'll take it in turns to sit in the 'relaxing seat'!! I'm not looking forward to flying with a 4 and 19 month old.

Hope everyones plans are coming on well.