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The final week.....
19 Jan 2011
Thursday 19th

This is our final full day today, parents having the boys and we've got a million and one things to do. By the end of today we'll have (hopefully) cleared out everything in the house except our suitcases!!!

Our furniture left begining of Dec and docks into freemantle the day we arrive, couple of wks to clear customs and then reunited with our home comforts...boy have we missed them!

Well best get on with a busy day.....
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17 Jan 2011
Today's looking like a great day...I feel like several bricks have fallen off my shoulders.
My husband Gavin had a telephone interview with a company in CBD for a senior project accountant this morning and an hour later the agency rang back to say they are offering him the job!! to leave knowing he has work feels fantastic.

We still haven't got the fuse board problem sorted in our house to rent out and I'm sure this is going to end in us having to fork out
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15 Jan 2011
Today's been a tough one! It was my husbands last day at work and Samuel's last day at preschool. The class had made him a lovely card with aussie flags on and pictures of a kangaroo and koala bear and a photo of the whole class. I had been so strong up until that point!

I feel drained today :( went for a meal with a great friend this evening but felt so down and tired. I'm going to see her next wk to say bye as today was too much. I feel like i need an evening of nothing to do and nothing to think about. We have been soildly doing stuff every evening for the past month either diy on the house for renting or shredding old paperwork or sorting through the attic amongs other stuff.

I need a good nights sleep.

Night all xx
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13 Jan 2011
A week today we leave the house and head to the airport hotel for our last night in the uk ( for a while anyway!) Its been a tough few days catching up with friends.

We have been extremely lucky in getting our visa so quickly. A total of 3 months from the idea to having it granted. I wish all those still waiting the best of luck. My husbands brother and his wife are still waiting.

We are heading into London for a big family meal at the weekend.

I still don't think its hit me that we're leaving!
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