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21 Jan 2011
I'm currently sat in the Premier Inn at Heathrow Airport. We left in a taxi from my parents and saying bye to them was the hardest thing I have done EVER! my mum gave me a gift to open when I got to the hotel. It was a bracelet with meaningfull words inscribed so that where ever I am I will know how much they love me......I sobbed my heart out when I opened it tonight. It really made me think if we are doing the right thing. Can I live without them being so close? only time will tell but I can honestly say I felt like getting back in that taxi and going home and scrapping all our plans. I have never sobbed so hard in a very long time.

I phoned my best friend who reassured me we are doing the right thing and we can always come home. We sobbed down the phone to each other but that hepled me focus my thoughts.

Looking forward to getting to Perth now and settling into our new lives.

Michelle xx

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