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Our new life in Perth
29 Jan 2011
Hi Sim78

It must of been hard returning to the UK weather after all the sunshine in Perth!

When are you planning to make the move over?

29 Jan 2011
Hi Sharon,

Congratulations on getting your SS WA. Is that State sponsered?

When you get your visa your offered flights through IOM which is especially for migrants. You get 40kg each. We had about 125 kilos in total! and we flew Qantas. It worked out cheaper for us as a family but i know others who found cheaper flights without using IOM.

We also shipped over our furniture back at the begining of Dec. Its currently going through customs.

Perth is a lovely place, we feel so lucky.

Feel free to ask me any questions and look forward to welcoming you to Perth!

Michelle x
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29 Jan 2011
To continue from my last post, I didn't sleep so well in the hotel that night. The next morning I still felt very tearful. We got a taxi from the premier Inn to Terminal 3 as we had so much luggage!

We checked in our bags, it was a huge relief once they were gone and we had a lot less to cart around the airport.....well a pushchair, carseat, two trunkies and two carry-ons!

Once through security and at the gate I begun to get tearful again.

The flight to Singapore was great, the boys were pretty good although they hardly slept even with the cabin lights off. Samuel watched Toy story 3 over and over and jack watched Dora the explorer and DVD's we had brought with us and a portable player. I read them books no real chill out time for us. I watched in envy at the other passengers watching various movies and chilling out. Gavin and I both said 'it will be worth it'

The flight from Singapore to Perth the boys slept, some shut eye time for us too!

At Perth airport we changed the boys into shorts and tshirts. Got through immigration quickly as a guy opened up a new line for us! and once through our bags arrived pretty quick. A lady offered to get us through quickly so asked what was in our bags and then took us through a seperate door and we were out into arrivals. it was a breeze!!!

We were met by Andy from Mindarie car hire, expat himself. outside the sun was shining and the heat! the drive up to Joondalup was great, instantly we felt we had made the right choice.

We have been here a week and only just got internet access! in my option Dongles are a waste of money, ours didn't work very well, always unconnecting etc.. and so we subscribed to Vivid wireless and get free UK calls for up to 5 hrs a day for $89 a month. Its great being back online. I skyped home last night and it was great seeing my parents, you don't feel so far away with skype.

Life in Perth....well its great! the tears and stress were all worth it. The boys seem to love it and we don't want to go home.

All the luggage
At Hilary's boat harbour
Hilary's. Great place for a family day out with shaded play areas for children.
A sunday drive!!!!
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