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04 Apr 2011
Hi Everyone.

Will as you all know we have our visa. On Thursday 31st March, this was the only date that I hadn't checked the DIAC online system to see how things were going. Then at 8.45am Davie phoned me at work to tell me the good news. I was the one that wanted to tell him, well I was that done all the paperwork, lol. Anyway he just asked how my morning had been so far, then he said I am about to make it even better. That's when I just started smiling from ear to ear. I wanted to scream and shout, but there is a person in the office that I didn't want to know my news. He said that our agent had just called, she said to him has Sharon not checked this morning with DIAC. She was so happy to tell us the good news, as everyone else she has phoned over the past 3 days already know. I have never felt so excited, nervous, scared and even drained. Well it is like a weight off your shoulders. That night is they only night in the month that Davie's had to stay in Dundee, so I was a gutted. He must have known this as I got a hugh bouquet of flowers to the work that afternoon. All the paperwork came the next day, so passport's have been sent away to be stamped.

Now all we are waiting for is the house to sell, getting a bit worried that it doesn't. I know I shouldn't be and it has only been 4 weeks. I told Davie in September last year we should put the house up now, he said that it was too early as the lodgement stage could take 12/18 months. Well it has been very quick.

Will keep you all posted with what is happening. Oh and Bev I know you will be reading this, I will send you a PM later. The last one you sent me was great. Thanks,x

Thank you everyone for helping us through the past year.
Sharon, Davie, Jack & Kai,xxxx
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