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New Estate Agent
24 Oct 2011
Thanks guys for all the well wishes and words of wisdom. They viewers came and they loved it, just away home to work out there finances. She has a flat and is thinking of just renting it out. He stays at the far end of Glasgow and she stays in Edinburgh City Centre, so this house is half way for both families. Also she will make a killing on her flat renting it out in the City Centre, next to a hospital.

So guys fingers crossed and this is our buyer. They will let me know in the next couple of days. Will keep you all up to date.

Thanks again,
22 Oct 2011
Hi Guys,

Just an quick update. Well we decided to change estate agents, we went live with them 3 weeks ago. They have been very proactive, they sent a professional photographer who was here 2 hours. I have got to say the photo's where amazing, then when I looked at the old photo's then I noticed why it wasn't getting any interest. The old photo's were of my furniture not the rooms. They are opened 24 hours Monday - Sunday. You have your own notice board to log onto to see how many hits your house is getting. Also people can ask you questions on it about the house. In the 3 weeks we have had 3 viewers so far, 2 still have houses to sell. The other one put in a rubbish offer 10k short of the asking price. He was a chancer, he is still wanting my agent to keep him up to date on any developements. I know he doesn't want in till late Jan 12.

While I am typing this Davie has just to a call from the agent for another viewing this Sunday 23rd. So fingers crossed this is the one, if she finds the right house she will be renting out her flat as an investment.

Will let you all know how we get on. Hopefully the next time I post on here it will be the words HOUSE SOLD. Then Perth here we come.

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