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Holiday/House sold
26 Jul 2012
Hi Sarah,

So looking forward to those cold ones, tell Mick and the kids hi too. See you all soon.

25 Jul 2012
Hi everyone,

Sorry it has been a while, we have been very busy.

Well we went on holiday to Perth in March to validate. When we arrived I sat there for a couple of hours and thought I cannot make the big move. Now this was my dream originally. Still after a couple of day's I still didn't want to go. I couldn't put my finger on one particular thing. Finances could we afford to do this, we are very comfortable here in Scotland. Then the house prices to buy, OMG they are expensive. Then the first school we took our oldest to see he didn't like, then took him to see Curruimbine Primary and loved it. Then my other half Davie went to meet up with a couple of garages, he came back and said he was not willing to go back to Scotland and work all those hours as a Manager when he couple work in Perth for the same money with less hours and stress. Then after seeing how happy my children where and better behaved the decison was made. For myself as well meeting up with some very great friends from Aussiemove helped a lot. So again a great thank you to you all.

Once we came back we decided to reduce the house price and it sold. On Friday 21st July we moved out our lovely home. We have decided to move in with my parents till the 6th November to make up the money we lost in the house sale and also for our furniture to get there about the same time as us.

So again a big thank you to: Marie Louise/Russ, Clare/Steve, Sarah/Mick, Kendal/Ross, Claire/Barry, Michelle, Tanya for all the invites and great nights we had with you all. Thanks for making us welcome and see you all soon.

So roll on our next adventure.

Big hugs,

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