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Visa choices!16 Apr 2010
And so it begins!15 Apr 2010
And so it begins!
15 Apr 2010
Just a quick intro. I'm Dave, a 34 year young Systems Administrator from the UK and my wife is training to be a nurse for the elderly.

Why are we moving? Better lifestyle, (generally) safer place to bring up kids and a fresh start in a fabulous country. I worked in Sydney a few years ago and fell in love with the place and although it is definately the morer expensive option in terms of real estate and living costs we have decided that Sydney is where we shall settle.

I started the Visa process a couple of weeks ago whilst talking to prospective employers and the company I worked with before. Just as all that was starting I got a call out of the blue from a company I did some contract work for telling me that they are setting up a Sydney office, had heard I was moving there and what was I planning to do when I get to Sydney. A meeting has been arranged for the 24th May and if an offer is made a move to Oz may be a lot quicker than expected!

This does however confuse the Visa application and I have been advised to enter on a temporary Visa initially and apply for a PR pretty much on arrival in Oz. The exact process isn't clear yet as it depends if the UK based company I will be working for will be able to sponsor me or quite how the paperwork will work out!

Fingers crossed!