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First entry.
12 May 2010
Hi all!

A few months ago my boyfriend(Stephan) and I decided to make the move to Aus. I had an assessment done and to my great surprise I qualified for a permanent resident's visa! Could not believe it. If I had known this sooner I would have applied ages ago! I have family living in Perth, and my skill 'graphic designer' is on the SOL list. Jay!

We paid migration agents and started collecting all the documents. What an ordeal!
I found out that a new SOL was going to take effect from 1 July 2010 and that my occupation will most probably not be on there. Migration agent said not to worry, we will get the Visa application in before then.

I sent my skills assessment documents to Aus on monday, 3 May. And on my 25th birthday, 7 May 2010 we found out that our Visa subclass has been suspended. :( Not the greatest birthday present!!
I have asked my migration agent what our next move is, and they have said 'wait for the new SOL list'. This is easier said than done!

I have had the difficult conversations with friends and family, telling them I am planning to emigrate. I have cried and worried and decided it is the right move for me. They are all supportive but sad. I have told family in Aus we are coming, and they are over the moon. Everything I used to ignore has started to really get to me. It feels as though finally deciding to go has burst the bubble I have been living in. And now I do not know whether I can go...

But my eyes have been opened, there could be a better life for me. I want to live in a safe place. I want to raise my children in a safe place.
Not knowing whether I am going to be on the new SOL list is driving me nuts.

Hopefully I will one day post a message on here saying 'Visa granted'!

Lets hope!
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