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Study here or study there?
13 May 2010
Hi all!

I have always wanted to do my postgraduate's diploma in education. I thought we would go to Aus and maybe in a few years I would look at studying further. Now I am considering two things...
Getting a student Visa and studying the diploma in Aus next year, or studying in SA first and then trying to get a skilled visa as a teacher.
Plus points of studying in Aus- then I am immediately qualified to teach in Aus, and then we get to go way sooner than if we wait for a PR visa. Down side - It is extremely expensive! $20 000!
If I study here in SA I have a bit more time in my new house and with family and friends, but then it will be another 2-3 years before we can go across.
Rumors state that teaching will be on the new skills list. For now! But 3 years from now? With my luck I would just miss it again!

Any feedback, comments, or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

New blogger,
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