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The story so far...
26 Apr 2012

Two years later and my skills assessment has finally been sent off!

After my skill 'graphic designer' fell off the skills list, I studied a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in 2011 and I am now back on the list as a teacher. Hoorah!

It has been quite the emotional roller coaster. First the joy of qualifying for a permanent residents visa, then the heartache when the skills list changed, then scheming and planning and making the life changing decision to study again... then the studies itself. Which I am happy to say I really enjoyed, and passed CUM LAUDE.

I am now a teacher employed at a high school in Johannesburg. I am enjoying this career change! The students have crept into my heart and I find it fulfilling and fun. Life is all about experiences after all! I am also still writing scripts for kids shows for my previous employer (in the tv industry), so I have not completely left my previous passion for tv behind.

The last few months have been very hectic. I knew about the changes to the visa's happening on 1 July this year, and we are really trying hard to get in before that date.
I had all my forms ready, wrote IELTS a year ago before we fell off the skills list, and I was planning to send my forms in the moment I graduate - end of Feb 2012.

I gathered my forms, ready to send, when my migration agent said 'oh, you now need an academic IELTS test, not just the general one you needed as graphic designer.' Wow I pay these people fortunes and they tell me this AFTER i waited a year to reapply!!!! Of course IELTS then took another 2 months. Add to that the 'processing time' my migration agent needs -50 days, and we have missed the deadline.

These agents have also given me wrong information more than once - not uploading the forms I need, saying I qualify for a state sponsorship- and then I go read the website myself only to find that I dont qualify. Then I read I need 12 months experience, another thing the migration agent 'missed' in their assessment. And suffice to say... they are FIRED! NEVER USE MIGRATION AGENTS! Waste of money and time, when you do all the work yourself anyway.

So we have sent off our skills assessment ourselves, minus the 50 days processing time of the migration agent, and we are back on schedule. Cutting it close! Skills assessment takes 10 weeks...we have exactly 10 weeks. Might not make it but we are trying.
Otherwise its skills select for us. I am just worried... another hoop to jump through, what if we dont get in.. horror! So hold thumbs!

My 'boyfriend' of 2010 is now my fiance and we are getting married on the 7th of July this year. If we get the visa lodged by end of June it would be such a great wedding present... lets hope.

We had a wonderful visit in Perth in December!

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