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Our Weekend.11 Jul 2011
Just getting started!11 Jul 2011
Just getting started!
11 Jul 2011
Hi there,thank you for your reply.

We are coming from Montrose Scotland, we are hoping to hear back about the visas soon, some people say it takes a few weeks and some people say it takes months!

We are kind of glad work are helping us out, my boss to be just went through all this just over a year ago so he is helping us out as much as he can!

We have spent most of the weekend looking at real estate website's gathering as much suburb info as we can. Assuiemove has been brialliant and has loads of useful info and has helped us no end!

Will keep you posted on how we get on.

Hope to speak to you again soon,

07 Jul 2011
Good Morning/Afternoon

We have just started the visa process, we sent all our forms away yesterday (1066 & 956) and we are now at a point where we don't know what to do next, apart from wait and do as much research as possible?

My work are sorting a lot of the stuff out over there, they are paying for medicals, shipping of our stuff, visas etc

We are wondering where some of the best places are to rent ie, child friendly with shops and cafes near by, also somewhere near work (Canning Vale) but close to the beach as well? We have looked at Freemantle, Willage, Coogee, Murdoch and Atwell, any info on these places would be very much appreciated?

Also we are wondering about which bank to go with and how to go about transfering our savings and exchange rates, any info would again be very helpful?

Thank you in advance.

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