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Decision has been made :)
25 Mar 2011
Found it! How went to my Gmail account......oh dear, I'm tired.
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25 Mar 2011
HELP, how do I find my private messages on this site ???
25 Mar 2011
So this morning at 8am we sent the email accepting the position in Perth.........Australia here we come. Mixed emotions from our families but they all agree with our reasons for wanting to go. Now the real fun begins, paperwork and packing. We expect to arrive in July (let's see how that goes!!) Kids are super excited and told all their friends at school oldest one wants to golf everyday after school and the younger one wants a pet kangaroo!!

I don't know where to start and the last two weeks of trying to decide and weighing our options has really been exhausting so I think a few days off to enjoy the weekend will be a priority.

Chat soon
Alison and Ian
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