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taking care of business
02 Apr 2011
I put my notice in at my job today, I'll finish up on April 21st and that will give me about 8 weeks to pack and say our farewells. It seems like plenty of time but holy cow is there ever a lot to do........paperwork and fixing up the house is going to be our priority. We have received 2 calls about our house and haven't' even officially listed it for sale yet so that's a HUGE relief knowing it will be easy to sell (I say that now but keep your fingers crossed for us!)

Ian is heading out for his last trip on the boat. He's off to India and won't be back until early May. As soon as he saw his flight details he knew we made the right decision to move to Perth. Trading in the traveling and extended family in Canada for a 'normal' life and our children is feeling very good right now. Ask me again in the middle of June when I'm up to my neck in boxes!!

Kids have told all their friends and are planning a 'going away party' now so that will keep them busy for a day or two!! ahhh if life were always that simple :)
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