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21 Apr 2011
Ok, so we've had an offer on the house and I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll know tomorrow and then we can really enjoy or Easter weekend. It will be a real bonus to have it sold so i don't have to keep it so clean anymore!

I've spent so much time on the internet researching the removal and quarantine process , rental houses and suburbs that my arm is sore from using the mouse! I can't believe I have to clean all our shoes! Good thing I'm finishing up work tomorrow.

Ian has 2 more weeks left of his rotation offshore and has never been more sure of the decision to move to Perth. I miss him terribly and have had a busy time with him gone....putting house for sale, filling out the 1066 papers, drive 4 hours to get new passports, 2 sick kids (not at the same time of course!) and work! It will be so nice for us to have our family together and do the normal day-to-day stuff. I can't wait only 2 1/2 months until our expected arrival!!!

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