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Understanding Decisions
01 May 2011
I don't know if any of you reading this have ever had your spouse travel away for work (or maybe you've traveled yourself) but Ian spends almost 7 months each year away from me and his children he's missed countless Birthdays, Holidays and milestones. Today he missed Sarah's Pre-School Graduation and as I looked around the room and saw all the dad's and mom's together it gave me a renewed sense of the decision to move to Perth was the right one. Ian deserves to be a full time part of this family and me and the girls deserve it to.

Our families are having a hard time understanding why we are going and I have to keep telling them why and make sure they know we didn't come to the decision easily but we are dong it. Our home is officially sold (closing date of July 8th) and this really made everyone realize we were serious so now the discussions (with both wanted and unwanted advice) are getting more serious and not in a good way but I think unless you've spent 7 months away from you spouse and are home alone with the children and he's away on a boat without his family they'll never really understand.

I know they all understand Ian and I will keep our family safe and happy but they are terribly upset with how far away we are going to do it. It's still 8 weeks away and I know it will only get harder as it gets closer to leaving.........I need to be strong but understanding and it's going to be hard because we are getting excited about our move, our new life and our family being together. Wish me luck )
Sarah at her Pre-School Graduation
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