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No News Is Good News
18 May 2011

No visa's yet and not even a mention from them on needing more information etc so i guess things are moving along nicely. Three months is the average processing time so late July or early August is our goal! The movers are booked for July 4,5 & 6 because we have to be out of our house by the 8th. We'll stay with family until it's time to go. The summers here in Eastern Canada are beautiful but I'm really looking forward to the sunshine and warmer temperatures in Perth.

Ian has taken the girls to Newfoundland for 12 days to visit his family. I stayed behind to sift through all the toys and cloths without the help of a 4 and 7 year old! I'm enjoying the quiet time but miss them terribly. WOW the packing process is a big one!

We have started looking for suburbs and housing in Perth and decided we will rent. We would like to stay close to the CBD but a short commute will be fine. We've looked at communities like Bayswater, Carramar, Tapping, Applecross, Floreat, Shenton Park, Hillarys and more....and are finding a WIDE range of prices and availability. If anyone has any advice or information on these areas or can suggest others we would appreciate any information. HELP

Thanks for reading it really helps to communicate even if it's only in print it makes me feel like I'm making some connections with people who've been through this already and can take some of the stress out of it. THANK YOU
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