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I spoke too soon!
21 May 2011
Well I thought a 3 month average wait would mean about 5 months for us (we seem to have that kind of luck!) BUT NOT THIS TIME! Just found our today our Visa's have been granted! It only took 3 weeks, I'm sure that's a new immigration record and I greatly appreciate their efforts.

So now we need to get busy with the 'purging' of the things we aren't taking with us. Ian and the girls are still in Newfoundland visiting and I have created a HUGE mess to get started on getting through all our belongings. Movers are booked for July 4, 5 & 6 then we sign the papers to the sale of the house on the 8th and then it's off to the land down under........WOW......I thought it would be hard to get rid of our collection of stuff but I'm actually finding it quiet liberating and if I don't slow down there may be nothing left to pack! Scheduling a Garage Sale (I think in the UK it's a Car Boot Sale??) to get rid of the extra's (and maybe make a few dollars in the process!)

No changing out minds exciting :))
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