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Almost Time
16 Jun 2011
The countdown is on now and the Farewell parties are starting. We will be leaving on July 11th and spend a week in California with my family before heading to Perth on July 18th (arriving July 20) The removals company is booked for July 5,6 & 7 and we are having a 'Garage Sale' (I think they may be called 'Car Boot Sales' in other countries) on Saturday to get rid of some of the excess stuff we've collected over the last 20 years. We have found parting with most of it quite easy with only a few sentimental moments but we did upgrade to a 40' container so more will be coming with us! We were over weight by 1000kg and just could not part with anything else (besides the cost of replacement is probably more expensive than the larger container!)

Our families here in Canada are starting to want to be with us more and plan more things to do with us. Everybody is treating each other so nice we think we should have said we were moving a long time ago! We have a family photo booked for the Grandkids as a surprise for the Granparents and the end of the school year is fast approaching. Our children are starting to worry about making friends and meeting new teachers so we are trying to tell them that change doesn't mean bad things it can mean wonderful things. We even had our 7 year old tell us 'i'm going to keep and open mind ok' it was a riot........she's so old for her age. We are worrying about finding a house and learning how to drive on the Left....We think meeting friends will be least we worry about!

With all that said Ian is in Oslo now for 2 weeks and watching him leave at the airport was hard but knowing it's the last trip put it all back in perspective for us........of course it's going to be a challenge and everything is not going to be perfect but we'll be together and 4 is definitely better than 3.

Ian and Alison
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