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We''re Here!
27 Jul 2011
Hi, well we made it........we arrived at 12:00 on July 20th in the pouring rain but don't worry it didn't give us a bad start it allowed us to sleep for 12 hours to help fight the Jet Lag.

We decided to spend a week in California with family (and visit Disneyland of course) on the way out so we actually left Nova Scotia on July 11th. The Good Bye's were hard but were a necessary part of the proccess. Only a handfull of family came to the airport and that was also hard but necessary.

Finishing the packing and cleaning to sign off on the sale of the house was a lot more work than we had anticipated so for anyone out there just getting started in the relocation make sure you start EARLY! If you think you've started early enough than you're already 2 weeks behind but don't worry it all gets has to!!

The removals for our container went quite smooth except for me having to chase them around with little odd and ends they missed (a picture on a wall or a few things in a drawer) overall the proccess went well and we are actually enjoying living in our little rental apartment with out too much 'stuff' I'm sure it'll make us all appreciate our belongings when they arrive (WHEVEVER that might be!)

So now on to the rental property....children are not meant to live in attached dwellinig.....or at least mine aren't they are having trouble adjusting to being quite and not stopping around, they also miss having some outdoor space but they know it's only temporary and Perth has a Tonne of outdoor spaces for us to visit and play 9and burn off some of their energy)The youngest (Sarah - 4 years old) has been waking at 4am so I'm hoping that doesn't last much longer!!

Ian started work on Monday and is enjoying a 10 minute commute (on foot) and is home by 5pm for supper.........something he hasn't ever done, working 12 hour shifts on a stinky boat are far behind him. The girls waited for him of the patio and cheered when he came home his first day, it was amazing!

I'm busy trying to find us a house and a school for the girls. It's 'summer' vacation in Canada so i'm not going to press the school thing for at least a few weeks to give them a break.

Ok have to go sun is shining :))

Cheers, i'll keep you posted on our house hunt!
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