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So - I can't believe where the time has gone since my last blog!

3 months in and I guess reality is setting in now on a number of topics. I've listed them so it's easier for the reader rather than me just waffle on incoherently....

Still love Perth. I was fortunate enough to travel to Sydney and Melbourne this week on business and I am so happy we ended up in Perth. Having never previously visited Australia before moving here I guess it was all a bit of a gamble really. Sydney seemed nice enough, quite cosmopolitan but at the end of the day is just another big city. Melbourne I didn't like at all, driving in from the airport felt like driving around the A406 in London (industrial).

I work in Recruitment and contrary to what I was told before I arrived here and also what I was told upon arrival, the market is nothing like they say it is! Everyone talks about Perth being a thriving city which it is, however, all this talk leads to much more competition in my industry. However, that said and done, I have spoken to many of my colleagues/friends/associates on the east coast and they also say the market is tough there. If anyone who works in recruitment and is thinking of coming to Australia, message me - I will fill you in on the key differences.

Is mixed but I like it. People say the sun shines all the time but I have yet to witness that. When it's hot it's hot, most of the time it's warm, occasionally it rains! What is there to not like.

We went to the Margaret River recently which was lovely. The closest I can match it to is the New Forest but with lots of wineries. It takes a good 3.5 hours to drive to from Perth but it's a real haven, quite a relaxing retreat. There are tonnes of wineries, chocolate factory, micro breweries... amazing beaches!

My husband has struggled with his job a bit. The FIFO element he is OK with, but he has found that the work here is easier. Some may say this is not to be complained about, but when you are used to working at a faster more efficient pace, this is something which he will need to adapt to over time. It is similar in my line of work. My fear is that we get too used to this slower pace/attitude to work and should we return to London at some point, we'll struggle.

Being a FIFO widow gets harder for sure. I find myself flick between angry, resentful and dare I even say a tad depressed at times. I think if you have had one of those relationships where you both spend a lot of time apart and have lots of separate interests then you'd adapt much easier. As for me, my husband is my life and therefore life is empty without him. Don't get me wrong, you can fill your time (cinema, beach, gardening, shopping, walks, tennis etc etc etc), but there is still a huge void there. He tells me it'll get easier with time, honestly I dont think it will. I wish for the day he says he can't do it anymore and that he needs to take less money but work in the metro area instead. Sadly I find myself resentful that he hasnt already. In my lowest points I wonder if this will actually break our marriage - lets hope not hey!

Friendships are definitely very hard as most people will tell you. Real friends are the ones you've known over time in my opinion.... someone you have history with. Whether that be 1 year or 20 years and thats what makes it hard initially. Everyone is an acquaintance and real friendships will develop over time. I have met some nice people so far and it's still early days, but being a FIFO widow makes it a bit harder as you dont want to feel a burden on the people you do know. You dont want them to feel they have to include you in stuff but at the same time you wish they'd invite you out more. For instance I know a married couple here and I'll invite them to our house for BBQ's when my husband is home, let them meet other people we know (i.e. work colleagues) but I get nothing in return, I dont get to meet anyone they know, let alone get invited to spend any time with them really. So it's hard increasing your social circle. Hopefully 3 months from now, I'll have developed some friendships.

ALl said and done, I'm struggling at the moment mainly because the two largest elements of my life aren't going great (absent husband and difficult job) but I still wouldn't swap it for the UK. I appreciate friendships will develop over time, work will get better (im starting my own company in the New Year) and my husband won't do FIFO forever...

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