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5 months in - post Xmas.11 Jan 2012
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5 months in - post Xmas.
11 Jan 2012
Having checked my blog it appears the last blog I wrote appears to have completely disappeared. However, it was probably a little depressing anyway, so youre not missing much.

I wrote it around November and at the time was struggling. Not with Perth, the people the sunshine, the general lifestyle - but mainly due to the fact my husband is FIFO which leaves me at home alone 2 weeks out of 3. Also, I was unhappy/unsettled in my job.

Interestingly enough we went home for Xmas which people said would be a huge mistake. I was very eager to see how I'd feel at home in Yorkshire with family and friends, also how I'd feel about London (as we were spending 5 days there) and also about how I'd feel when I returned. Stranegly enough, I shed a tear as soon as the plane took off from Perth and not the other way around as people would expect!

It was great to go home and spend Xmas there, lets face it Xmas in Oz is just not the same and if you're like me and a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Xmas - then having it at home was a luxury I hope we can afford every year. Even at 38, it still holds a bit of magic for me.

So..... I'm 5 months in to my new life in Perth and for the main part, so far so good. I've noticed that life here is certainly not stressful at all. Personally speaking I'm much more relaxed, I have more patience and I sleep so much better than I did in London. Only now can I truly see what a stressful life we led previously and how we just accepted it as the norm.

There is so much to embrace here the reality is that most people probably only embrace a small part of it. I vowed to do allsorts when I got here, take up cycling, roller blading, photography classes, pilates, horse riding, maybe even running, charity work and the reality is I did a 6 week pilates course when I first arrived and missed 2 wks of it. I'm still toying with photography courses as they eat into the time when my husband is home. I need to get fit before embarking on riding again at my age (catch 22). I've been on a couple of bike rides, despite joining a club that goes every Sunday. Personally I find that when my husband is home for his 6 days, I want to spend every minute with him.

Life here is certainly more expensive that I would have ever imagined. Having just gone back to London (Canary Wharf to be precise) everything seemed a bargain when we were back - even shopping in Selfridges and Harrods! However, we came for the salary so it's not a problem. Although I've been unsettled at work I stuck it out as the people were nice and I'm now secure in the knowledge that even when I resign this week, the friendships will remain. I've had many offers to meet up from people on this site and no meetings in reality. Don't get me wrong, that's not a complaint but I wonder if people generally come on sites such as this when they are at a particular low ebb and then a week or two later they've picked themselves up again or their circumstances have changed. That said, I'm looking forward to meeting a lady this weekend who I origially swapped emails with in March of last year and hopefully start making friends outside of work.

The temperature is a little too hot for me (and thats coming from a complete sun worshiper) but it's not a problem. Going on vacation from Perth isn't all that simple either, you realise why people do call it the most isolated city in the world when looking at trips. Put it this way, there is no such thing as a cheap quick weekend away. The quickest and cheapest is Bali but nothing else compares. A 5 day break to the barrier reef I've priced at around $3k at present (Flights & B&B) + long flights times and 3 hour time differences!

Im hoping the next few months will see me settled in a new job that I enjoy and that keeps me busy. That I'll start to develop some good friendships and fingers X it would be fabulous if my husband could get a new job with a better rosta or even local to Perth....

....would I change Perth for the UK - not in a month of Sundays.

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