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Tickets are booked !!!10 Aug 2011
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BINGO !!01 Jun 2011
01 Jun 2011
Wow, we have been planning and dreaming about this for let's think, 12 years now.... LOL! Somehow things just always popped up to postpone everything. But all of a sudden, things just fell into place at the right time and place. We are ALL ready now to do this thing. It has been such a long, complicated process. Me? I just listened for my name.
The thing is, we as a family are going with my parents-in-law and my sister-in-law with her hubby and two kiddies. So, to get everyone there, was quite a mission.
All my father-in-law's 2 sisters and brother has been in Sydney for almost 20 years already. We also have very good friends in Brisbane and Perth.
Anyway, we managed to buy a newly registered franchise for a company (this happened 2008 already) in Brisbane.
My sister-in-law (Michelle) and family left beginning 2010 on a study visa (only option to get there soon) to do her 2 year Masters in Optometry. Ouch, she is working her bum off, shame.
My parents-in-law (Robin and Denise) are being sponsored by a friend.
We applied through a Employer Sponsored visa.
We have been dragging our feet a lot, but are quite ready and excited to go NOW!!!
I'm the youngest of 4 children. My eldest sister and I are very close. I've been keeping her up to date on our progress. She has been preparing herself emotionally, but when I broke the news the other day, she was still shaken up a bit.
Guess what, not even a week later she confessed to me that she and her husband have decided after MONTHS of negotiation that they too will tackle the process to go over!!! Yaayyyy!!! She can't stand living without me and my family (kiddies)!!!
It should be a bit more complicated for them, they are still trying to find the right visa to apply for. We should know in a few weeks' time. But we are all excited, and that makes my move across (and for her) much easier knowing she wants to come too!!!
As for my mother, other sister and brother (we are not verrrry close) I haven't told them the news yet. They know we want to go, but don't know when. Not very happy that we want to go. Keep changing the subject when I start talking about Australia in general. Anyway, my hubby is out of town at the moment for a few days, and as soon as he comes back, we will go break the news to them, face to face. Very nervous, my mum's health not very good, and she will be shattered. Oh my gosh, they have no idea that my sis wants to go too!!!! :-/
Blah blah blah, ok, we got our vouchers to go now. (My 5 year old son told my sis we got our vouchers, instead of visas, to go to Australia!!) So cute.
I have for the past two weeks trying to sort out crap at home to see what I'm taking and what not. We have decided with our last visit to Aus end 2009, that we were going to buy mostly new furniture over there. Our current things are all old and tatty. I would prefer starting a new page. Only taking our new lounge suite and washing machine. Just thinking of all the things we would have to sell before the time, makes me crazy. What if we don't get it sold??? LOL. (I'm nervous my hubby says, ok, let's pack it then. grrrrrr!!!)
The clock started ticking.
We decided to leave the end of November when kids finish the school year. Pointless taking them out the last term. And, if we arrive beginning December, we will have 2 months before the kids have to go back to school!!! (their schools close end Dec till end Jan) We'll have lots of time then to find homes and schools and settle in. Yaaayyyy, no pressure then!!!
My son, Jason's birthday is on 7th Dec and mine 11 Dec!!!! Gosh. Then Christmas.
My husband (Chris) and father-in-law has to know make arrangements to sell up their family business. (AND the boys' toys = aeroplanes, cars, etc) Not going to be easy, emotionally.
The removal people are coming next Thursday to give a quote. I think we'll only use half a (20ft?) container.
My mother-in-law booking the flight tickets this week. I can't wait to confirm these two items, cause then IT IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!!! Decisions made.
The kids are sooooo excited!!! I'm so glad we have so many family and friends over there to welcome us and help us, makes it easier hey.
My mind is a mess at the moment. Thinking about stuff the whole time. Spending more time on www (not really knowing what i'm looking for!!) than on facebook!!! LOL
Yes, I HAVE made my to-do-list-by-month, should make it more organised.
Next up, need to renew kids' passports, even though it only expires in 2013. Rather now.
Oh, forgot to say, with our visa, we are automatically PERMANENT RESIDENTS of Aus!! How cool is that!!!
Just that relieved feeling of we can just go now, tomorrow if we want!!!!
(even though my chest feels closed up with anxiousness!!!)
About 183 days to go!
Wish me luck!!

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