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What an emotional week!09 Jul 2011
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What an emotional week!
09 Jul 2011
Well, this week I gathered all the strength I had to tell my mum and sister #2. It did not go down very well. They are still too emotional to speak to me. :-(

Good news also came along. My parents-in-law were visiting family in Oz this past week. Our business opportunity just got better with the fact that we are now going to take over an existing shop, not having to open our franchise shop from scratch!!! That surely takes a lot of pressure off!!!! Aaaaaand now I have a better idea where we will be living. The shop will be in Jindalee, Brisbane. So, I'm googling properties around there, 17 Mile Rocks, Fig Tree Pocket, Oxley, etc etc. Can't wait to go house hunting in person!!!!
Schoooools!!! They are so strict with the catchment areas (we don't have that problem here), so it's between where the nicest place is to live, or where the nicest school is!!!

More good news is that my sister #1 has been to see their agent. So far so good. We were worried about her health record, but after letters and reports (also found out she was 'wrongly diagnosed' 4 years ago, not so bad after all, long story why... can't pronounce that medical terms anyway!!) and bills, the agent said it should be no problem at all!!! Whooohooo!!! Now it's just to find work for her hubby in Oz. My heart bleeds for them, they are going through a lot of emotions too at this stage regarding the future.

Bad news again. We had to put our beloved cat down today..... Had an operation 3 weeks ago but had renal failure from the anesthetic. He was 13 years old. He just couldn't cope anymore after all the medication and support he got. We are all very heart broken at the moment. But in a way I am relieved that he is at peace now and in a way it will make the move easier without having to worry for a new home and to say goodbye. RIP Tigger. xxxxx

So, about 135 days left before we leave.....
Seems I will have to stock up on more tissues in the mean time.

PS: We went away to a game farm last weekend and it was the best wild experience I EVER had!!!!! Saw elephants, buffalo, giraffe, hippos, python snakes breeding,and best of all, a leopard!!! Wow, never seen one so close, ever!!!!
This is one thing I will miss about Africa.... the bush.

I was also informed by hubby today that we are flying down to Cape Town on Monday for a week, just as a good bye visit...

Tigger xx
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