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Tickets are booked !!!10 Aug 2011
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Tickets are booked !!!
10 Aug 2011
Well, our tickets are booked!!!!!
We will be leaving South Africa on 29 November 2011.
We will fly via Kuala Lumpur (2 night stay over, to break the trip) and then arrive in Brisbane on 2 December.

We decided on a detour with Air Malaysia, half price than flying direct with Qantas!!! (makes a big difference with 3 kids!! I can buy a lot with a spare $2,400!!!) Hope the experience will be as pleasant as with Qantas.
The kids were so excited to hear the news!! They can't wait for their first flight overseas. Me, I wonder how to keep them occupied for a total of 20 hours flying!!!

So, here I am, digging around in my house like a mother hen, trying to organize everything and move out all unwanted items. Got sooooo many things to sell. My garage is looking like a second hand shop already!!! Got boxes all over. When I see something I don't want to take with, I box it!

We will be sending the container with our stuff across end of October already, seen that it takes about 2 months. So we will be living in an empty house for a month and out of a suitcase for 2 months!!! How will I survive?!?!?!

Can you believe my car broke down a week ago. Will take 2 - 3 weeks to fix due to complicated engine work and parts. *sigh* When it's fixed, I think we must sell it straight away!

We had an awesome holiday in Cape Town!! Will post some photos. Was sad to leave. Will definitely miss the beauty of Cape Town. But are looking soooo forward to explore Australia!!!

112 days to go..... !!!
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