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Oz reg!
06 Nov 2011
Thanks so much for the encouragement... It is great that there are people like you out there, so that we can cheer each other on. It does seem as though this is our last Xmas in SA and we are planning a great family get together, lets hope there will not be too many tears being shed...we need to keep up the stores for when we actually leave, lol!

Will be keeping everyone posted on how we progress and look forward to posting some updates soon and of course, to see everyone elses'.
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02 Nov 2011
Registration with AHPRA has been granted!!

Now all I have to do is look for a J.O.B! We are super excited.... Perhaps our plan of being in Oz by Feb will really happen. We are super chuffed, especially Raj. Only a couple more weeks with his terrible boss and we are gone.

There is light at the end of the tunnel...
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13 Sep 2011
The news just keeps getting worse... Thanks Sharon for the kind words...much appreciated.

When will we ever reach Oz? And we haven't even started on the visas yet!

Just gotta keep on praying and hope that it all works out in the end.

Think I will only make an update when I have good

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08 Sep 2011
Can't believe this....all registered in NZ, now applying for mutual recognition in Oz. They send me an email this morning to say the registration process takes minimum 3 months! Omw! I thought we would be in Oz by February, the latest. What a bummer!

The agent has already started sending out my CV to prospective employers but that is now pointless if I'm not registered as a nurse there yet! Maybe I should just think of emigrating to NZ instead? The agent and my friend in Auckland says that is not a good idea due to the poor economy there. We are so frustrated now.... My 3 year old keeps asking when are we going to Australia in the plane? Lol, poor thins! Think he's just excited for another plane ride!

I'm sure everything will be sorted soon but this is so irritating. I wonder if I call the nursing council in Oz everyday, will they speed up the process? Lol, will probably ban me from entering the country because i'm a pest! We are so eager to leave and begin our new life there. I feel so bad for Raj as he is having it really hard at work. I think he would jump on a plane tomorrow if he could!

Anyway, so nice to vent a bit but just gotta keep our chins up and hope the next 3-6 months really fly... At least it will give us time to save even more so we are extra prepared when the big day comes!
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