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Update(or lack therof...)
19 Oct 2011
Thanks guys for the well wishes. We are just getting so despondent now! It is good to know there are others out there experiencing the same frustrations as us.

Had to give myself a boost today as I was feeling so down about this whole process and...bought a choccie! lol, feel a little better now. Have to keep reminding myself that we are not even 1 year into the process and things are actually going on track.

Hopefully the next topic is a step up from this one.
13 Oct 2011
Well, we are still waiting for our Oz reg to come through. Getting a bit impatient as well now. My new prac card from NZ has been posted to AHPRA and I was informed that I now have a case manager/assessor and my file will be assessed as soon as they receive the card. Good news? The agent seems to think so but Raj and I are trying not to get excited just yet!

We were just discussing today that it seems as if the universe is pushing us to leave South Africa, lol! We have been having endless trouble at home with neighbours and parking spaces, nogal! Work is also becoming exhausting, feels like we both work for the FBI with lots of staff issues at both our work places that require investigating and statement writing, disciplinaries, etc... *sigh*

I know, moaning quite a bit but need to vent a bit. When I sit down and think about it, we are actually making very good progress as we only started the process 1 year ago!

My sister says she will only get excited once we have our visas but in the meantime, she and mum are stocking up on tissues as mum has a bit of a sniffle every now and then when she thinks of our Big Move. She will really miss her grandson but is looking forward to coming Down Under for Christmas next year!

Suraj is on a short holiday now and is with mum in Durban for 2 weeks so it has given me a chance to catch up on some research for Oz and make endless plans and lists...Raj thinks the planning and list making is waste of time but unfortunately, I can't help myself, I am a planner and am calculating everything that we will need for when we arrive there.

It is starting to get warm here in Johannesburg and so I have started packing away all our winter clothes and decided to vacuum seal them and put them in suitcases...hey, one less bag to pack when the big day arrives!

Hopefully, we will be reg by 17 November(given this date by AHPRA), job interview soon after and visa application in by beginning December. We are hoping(and praying) that we are in Oz by January or February the latest. We want to celebrate Suraj's 4th birthday that side with a huge party for him and his new friends.

In the meantime, we are getting our ducks in a row and have made plans to spruce up the car before we sell it. We have got rid of some old clothes, shoes, baby car seat and pram and old appliances that were not in use anymore. Mum has already decided what she would like to take from out household goods and we will sell the rest when the time is right.

Watch this space for more news....hopefully soon!

Cheers all
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