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Job Hunting
15 Feb 2012
Still hoping for some good news soon....have taken everyone's advice(you know who you are) and still nothing but still hoping and praying. After all, the year is still young, lol!

Congrats to everyone on the blog who has good news so far for the year! Look forward to updates and will continue my own
18 Jan 2012
Thanks for the kind words, Sharon. Much appreciated
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09 Jan 2012
Hi all....

Hope everyone on Aussiemove had a good holiday season. It is now back to reality!

Well, I have been searching for jobs on all the websites I can think of but still no luck to date, how sad.
Thanks to everyone who sent me PM's and commented on my last blog post, it means a lot to know there are people out there who are rooting for us!

At the moment, we still cannot afford PR and are not getting anywhere with the job hunting. So we are stuck for now. I thought the holidays would give me a chance to refresh the brain cells and think of new ideas on how to find work Down Under but I am still doing what I did last year....just continue applying online and hoping.

This cannot continue forever and so I hope that we will get somewhere soon and that the hospitals/agencies will get so sick of my emails that they will give me a job soon just to shut me up, lol!

So, I will keep everyone posted(though I REALLY hope that I will have better news next month!)

Ciao for now
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11 Dec 2011
Well, this is not so much a job hunting post, but rather a lack of jobs...

I have had no luck as yet in finding any work. No interviews, no calls, no emails from potential employers. The agent here is optimistic that something will come up in the new year but it doesn't make sense to me that not one hospital is hiring or even giving interviews now just because we are entering the festive season. I mean, I am not asking to leave tomorrow, just at least an interview so that I know I am going in the right direction!

I actually decided to get in contact with agents in Oz cos I really thought this guy is dragging his feet here. But not one agent in Oz is willing to assist until I am in the country! The only way I can go over is if I apply for a PR but I can't actually afford it... I only qualify for a 457 visa if I have work lined up over there. This is all so depressing!

We have spent so much money getting registered Down Under, I thought all the hard work was over but now it seems to be so difficult to get work. I don't understand how it can be that no hospital in the whole of Australia is not hiring at this time of the year, I mean, no-one takes time off from being a patient!!!

Anyway, hopefully something comes up in the new year as work is just getting worse here by the day for me and Raj!


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