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12 Apr 2012
Hey everyone

Thank you for all the messages., We have arrived in Perth after a very long flight and are now jet lagged like you would not believe.... However, that has not stopped us from seeing the city today and we have already done a few routine stuff like going to the bank!

Perth is so beautiful and very clean. Will definitely keep the updates coming and will be posting pictures very soon....
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24 Mar 2012
Oh my Lord! the luggage is overweight and I have NO idea how to reduce it.....*sigh*

On a brighter note, it has slowly started to sink in that we are actually leaving the country! Only 1 week left at work....5 days for me and 7 for Raj, yay!

Busy searching the web for accommodation, a bit difficult if you are not there as all agents want you to inspect the property before you apply for it. We have decided to book into a B&B for a week for now and take it from there. Cheaper than a hotel and at least it will feel more like a home. Looks like we may have to extend the stay though.

Suraj has voiced his first concern about Australia...'Mummy, are there toys in Australia?' Poor pudding! But at least he has his priorities, lol!
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21 Mar 2012
Thanks so much, you guys. We are looking forward to it and will definitely keep the blog updated after we land..... last 2 weeks at work now and the excitement is mounting
17 Mar 2012
Our visa has been granted....still in a state of absolute shock! This is all happening so fast. My head is spinning!

We have booked tickets to fly to Perth on Easter Monday and will spend 10 days in Durban to say good-bye to family and friends. We are getting excited now. My mum and sister are still in a state of shock and cannot believe that we are actually going after all the disappointments. I am actually still getting 'rejection emails' from a number of employers in Australia for positions that I have applied for prior to get the job offer from Mount Hospital. At least I do not have to feel gutted about the rejections now, lol! they can keep their jobs....

The packing up has started in earnest now. Luggage already weighs 56kg!!!! OMW! We are planning to fly with Emirates as they seem to have the most luggage allowance as compared to Malaysia and Singapore. In any case, they will fly directly from Durban with no stopover in Johannesburg which is nice. One stopover is enough with a 3 year old, thank you!

Thanks to all for the encouraging words, it really means a lot to us. Will keep the updates coming. Today is the first of many days of tears to come as I am seeing my school friends for the last time. We are having a little get together with the kids(no husbands) and I know it will be a bit teary when we say good-bye. Have know them for over 10 years and it will be sad to say good-bye but hopefully I will make lots of new acquaintances when I land in Perth.

Ciao, Nerissa
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