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21 May 2012
Ok, so we have been here a month and we found a place to stay within a far so good. Work is ok though I have to say the Australians are really a bunch of know-it-alls!! I know I am going to be shot down for saying this, but they are so fixed in the way they do certain things that they are unwilling to listen to anyone else's suggestions. That is the worse part about my work at the moment. Otherwise, it is all good. Nursing is nursing no matter which part of the world you live. The doctors are really great and though my colleagues have taken a while to warm up, I can say we all get on quite well. (On top of being know-it-alls, the locals I work with are also not the friendliest bunch of people!)

Ok, so that is enough about work. I really like the transport system here in Australia. Having given up using public transport in South Africa(unreliable, dangerous, etc), I was a bit apprehensive about using it in a foreign land. Don't get me wrong, I have read that Australia is safe and transport is reliable and all that but you will never know until you try it....I can honestly say that at the rate things are going, I am in no hurry to get a car. I get to work on time, there are buses and trains that run till midnight to my home so I am comfortable for now. Raj is also liking the transport system and has for the most part gotten over me getting home safely in the dark. Australia is really safe(so far) in the early morning and at night.

It has not been easy for Raj to find work, though this is not because of a lack of work or due to a lack of trying to find it. The problem is MY work. We work flexi hours so I have to work 1 or 2 late shifts a week and the shifts also change on a daily basis(you have to love Cardiac Cath Lab!). Raj has had many interviews, most of them are requiring that he also work shifts and since my shifts are difficult to change, he has had to turn down alot of work. Day care closes at 6pm everyday and I sometimes get home at 10pm. Someone has to be available to look after our boy, so Raj has to do it. In the meantime, he has found something a bit more flexible with hours. He is doing sales for Optus. Commission based only at this stage but it is something to keep him busy about 4 days a week. I have to say that so far(though exspensive), we are coping on one salary. When the commission gets paid, we will have a bit of extra money. So for now, we are not hugely desperate that Raj finds more steady work. I have also been informed that the roster at work should be finalised within the next month with no further shift changes. So that is something to look forward to.

Enough for now. Will add an update in a few days time. Will just be more of the same, my personal experiences with Australia hoping that it helps potential migrants in a small way and that no-one will get bored reading them....
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14 May 2012
Wow! One month in Perth already....what a month it has been!

I'll start at the beginning..... We left King Shaka International Airport on 9 May via Dubai with Emirates. We had a 4 hour stop over in DUbai and then on to Perth. Arrived early hours on 10 May. SO exhausted when we landed, it was unbelievable!

We booked into a B&B for a week. 511 euros for 7 days. booked via
Our host was absolutely amazing! I would recommend Jean and Martin any day. We decided to do this as we were not up to go to a hotel and wanted a more homely feel so that Suraj could not feel overwhelmed with our big move.

We have been so lucky to have friends here in Perth that are from my hometown in Pinetown. They picked us up at the airport and have really been so great in assisting us to settle here. There are no words to say thanks to Mary and Chris. I believe that 90% of most migrants take a while to settle down here in Oz cos of a lack of support but I can honestly say that has not been the case with us.

Anyway, when we forced ourselves awake later that day, I went to my work to meet my manager and then we went off to the bank to identify ourselves and pick up the bank cards. They offered us a credit card and a home loan! Hello....we just got here, definitely not the first things on our minds!

From the second day onwards, we started looking for a more permanent place to stay as we had only booked into the B&B for 7 days and Jean had people booked for the day we leave. The viewings were always so full and honestly, it is quite a mission to get to each place on time as we do not have a car and have no immediate plans to get one.

In any case, by the end of that week, we had found a place to stay in Maylands, which was one of the suburbs I wanted to be in. I know that alot of people say that property is difficult to get in Perth but we did not experience that at all. We viewed every property that we could and walked a hell of alot and by the following Tuesday(one week exactly), we moved in to our empty place!

Anyway, that is it for now. Will do another update on another day. I have to take Suraj to day care now. Will update with my likes(many) and my dislikes(not so many) of Perth and Australia in general.

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