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Some random pictures
15 Jun 2012
Sorry that these took so long in coming but I have been having trouble uploading my pictures onto the BLOG. Anyway, better late than never....more to follow at another time as this uploading business is quite tedious!

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15 Jun 2012
Common to see homes with no fences in SA, the higher the fence, the safer you are(generally)!
A block of flats(apartments)with no fence or security personnel at the Takes some getting used to
A view of our street in Maylands
These cars park on the road every night....OMG! Will I ever get used to Australia and the lack of security measures?!
Much older type of housing where I live but some modern flats
This is winter in the land Down skies just like back home
No fences....I give up!
The Maylands Library
Eating area outside our local library.
Museum in city centre
A Blue CAT bus stop.....bus stops that 'talk'! I am definitely no longer in South Africa, lmao
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