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We have been in Australia for 3 months now, cannot believe that time has gone by so quickly! Had my probation appraisal done and my NUM says she is also amazed that I have been here for such a short time. We have settled down quite well in Australia and it really feels like we have been here for a few years!

Unfortunately, there is always some bad news. Raj had found permanent employment and then had to leave as he is not well. At least here in Australia, we can afford one salary for a while, definitely not starving. In South Africa, we would have been practically homeless if one of us had to stop working....two salaries are compulsory to live hand to mouth in SA.

Suraj has finally settled in now. He is attending Kindy at the local primary school and is loving it. He really hated the day care here. There was absolutely no structure in that place and he hated the food they served as well. With Kindy, I make lunch for him and he is enjoying the structured play there so much more. It is Saturday and he has asked if he can go to! Now I know we made the right decision coming over here.

We are going back to SA for my brothers wedding in September and this is despite being a salary short. Just a good example of how much more affordable Australia is compared to South Africa! Don't get me wrong, it is expensive to live here, but in SA we just existed due to the high cost of living.

Needless to say, we are totally loving life Down Under. It will sound SO cliched but we are spending so much more time together as a family here....Raj and I had to practically get introduced to each other here! We go out every weekend but not to any outdoor events due the cold.....We are still mall-hopping and that is fine for now.

One thing I have to mention is that the fast food in Australia tastes different so anyone coming over, please be prepared that KFC and McDonalds does not taste like 'back home'. I had very bad food experiences here so now I am so cautious when we go out. I am a food lover so I have not been impressed with the quality of food and the service in Australia. Raj worked in a fine dining establishment in SA and he is also appalled at the lack of customer service in some places, definitely no fine dining experiences so far and I think we will have to look for a posh place for our anniversary dinner next week.

Anyway, that is it for now. Saturday means house cleaning(no maids here) and then off to the shops! BTW, I am still trying to wrap my head around this weekly/fortnightly shopping here as I now get paid twice a month at work!
this was taken when we first arrived....definitely not going out dressed like this now! it is COLD in winter here
at Esplanade busport
never seen such a clean bus station in all my life.....
Suraj advising me on the correct bus to
my 4 year old often asks us to please leave his room as he is busy!
sunday evenings spent at home
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