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Avon Descent
18 Aug 2012
This will be a short and sweet post as I would like the pictures to speak for themselves. I love Australia for this....

I spent one Sunday in August with my two guys at the Avon Descent. It is a rowing competition. We went there because my son's school was selling toasted sandwiches(toasties in Aussie lingo!) and I was a volunteer.

It was a good outing as it was completely free. The only thing that you had to pay for was your food but you were welcome to bring a packed picnic lunch! So I hope that you all enjoy this post.


PS. Details for the event were on the City of Bayswater website.

There are many other free events that happen in Perth, all you have to do is search for the details

the finish line
free entertainment
food stalls in the background
free jumping castle for the limit on the number of times they could get on
rock wall climbing...also free
idyllic, isn't it?
this stall had a dedication wall to help decrease mental illness. you made a pledge and then stuck it on the wall. they also took free photos and gave it to you on a fancy lanyard and a cow bell.( not sure about the significance of the bell)
the bar tent....i think drinking was only allowed inside as i did not see anyone with alcohol walking the grounds
churros....long spanish donut rolled in cinnamon sugar. $4.
you could buy a warmed chocolate or caramel dipping sauce for $1 extra.
something new that we tried that day. it tasted really good!
suraj had a good time at the park. free parks are all over Perth and are in good condition
Maylands Peninsula Primary School volunteers...(me with the orange brim cap hard at work!)
Raj and Suraj with their cow