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24 Jan 2012
I see that the processing has slowed down, ahhhww.
I was getting excited it seemed that we might get a co in May, with the progress they made. Hopefully the turnaround time will take off again.

17 Jan 2012
I must say that this waiting for your fate is quite emotionally confusing, at certain instances I am very excited on going to Oz and then I am not sure if it is the right thing to do, especially during the holiday season. I have never been great with long term plans, I need to stay preoccupied.

This long pause in our lives will be a great challenge for me I want to do a lot of things around the house which will cost money and it is better to save up as it will take a long time to recover financially in Oz.

I also have this urge to expand on our family, as I am scared that there will be to a great age difference if we wait until we are in Oz and at least our family will get a change to spend some time with the new member. But then again what are the implications on our migration proses.

Well I feel a bit better for getting this of my mind.
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