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We're Going For It!!!
10 Apr 2012
Well, after much, much deliberation we have decided to go for it. We feel like if we don't at least try we will always wonder 'What If?'.
We are getting all of the paperwork ready to send off to VETASSES, which is A LOT of paperwork, all of which needs to be certified. The fee is $710 Australian dollars. It looks like the turn around time is 4 months to hear back from them. We actually don't know what they will tell us if he is approved: will they tell us to lodge a visa or will they advise him to take his board exams for his Australian Dental Hygiene Registration? I guess we will find out!
There are also major changes to the application process that go into place on July 1st of this year called Skillselect - we aren't sure how that might impact us.
Visa turn around time for a GSM Visa is 18 months - so we are looking at about 2 years before we find out if we can move over.
I'm on the fence as to when to apply for passports. My husbands if valid for another 4 years but mine needs renewal. And all four of my kids need new passports because they are only good for 5 years. I don't want to apply too early but I also want to have them ready to go if things move faster than expected.
But we are hopeful and excited. This is something we have talked about for years and we have friends that live in Baldivis that are very happy.
Two years seems like a long time to wait! I'm sure it will be quite the roller coaster!

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