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IELTS Application Sent
14 Apr 2012
Today we mailed off Aaron's IELTS application. Unfortunately, all of the testing dates are full until June 30, 2012 so we are crossing our fingers that he gets that date. Otherwise he has to wait until July 21st!
This test isn't a requirement for him but if he wants to claim points for superior English, he has to take it. He will get 20 points if he gets an 8 or above and we need those points or he thinks he won't qualify for a Visa because he is 3 months shy of his 8 year employment mark which provides 5 extra points. He wants to order the practice materials so that he can study which cracks me up because he is like a walking dictionary. But I understand how stressed he is about it. Poor guy has to do the IELTS, a VETASSESment, a Visa application and then sit for 2 different board exams!

I guess I'll tell about a day I had last week when I was in panic mode. I called the Australian Visa Dept. and asked them about the English testing because we needed to know if he needs to take the IELTS or the OET. The gal informed me that either is suitable but that the OET is mandatory for healthcare workers. So, when I got off the phone with her I sat down to look up OET information only to discover that it is only offered in one location in the USA...all the way on the other side of the country in Washington DC!!! And, to top it off it costs $775 Australian dollars!!! I freaked out because not only was the test expensive but we'd have to buy airfare and hotel room...and I'd lose my husband for 3 days. I was ready to throw in the towel at that point. But, when he got home we sat down and did some more research and discovered that just this year the Australian Dental Council has changed their requirments to say that if you hold a passport from USA (or other English speaking countries) you don't have to take any sort of English test. But, Aaron needs the points for his Visa application so he will sit the IELTS (which only costs $185 USD, much more affordable!).

Now we are working hard to get our VETASSES application all ready. We are waiting on a few documents and then we have to take them all in for notarizing. Hopefully we will send off that application next Friday.

Just today I had phone conversations with our health insurance company and two doctors offices about claims they are denying. We pay a fortune in monthly premiums for really, really cut rate plan - $5,000 deductible, only 6 doctor visits a year, etc. And they refuse to cover simple things. So, anyways, I kept thinking I've got to get out of this country. Insurance companies are making record profits and nice, hard working families like ours are worried we'll get sick, one of our kids will break a bone, there will be a car accident or something like that and we could go in debt or even lose everything we've worked so hard for because we can't afford our outragious medical bills.

Okay, vent over. Just had to get that out of my system.

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