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Bad News!
30 Jun 2012
Today was not a good day at our house. We came home from picking strawberries and raspberries to find a letter from IELTS in our mailbox. When my husband opened it I thought he was joking when he made a disappointed sound.
He scored three 9's which is awesome. Unfortunately he scored one 7.5 in reading. This is bad news because he needs at least an 8 in each category to qualify for superior English and be awarded 20 points instead of 10.
Now he only has 55 points instead of 65. As of July 1st the new requirement is 60 points and we still aren't there.
Now we are trying to figure out our next step but we are going to wait for July 1st to see if anything else changes that might make applying for a Visa an option.
Otherwise he either has to re-sit the IELTS and hope he does well or we have to wait 6 months until he will have 8 years of work experience and apply for a re-assessment with VETASSES. 8 plus years is awarded more points.
We are sad around here this evening, especially my hubby.
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