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Visitors from the UK
27 Oct 2008
After the visitors have gone - just spent 6 weeks with visitors and now its real quiet back to just us 4.... and a house to get ready for summer..... bought a secondhand spa out of quokka great real good for relaxing. Had a great time with our visitors - My dad was really impressed with the area and the house. Had a few differences at the beginning found they were winging alot then my cousins said thats what its like in the UK you whinge a lot and she said that we had already changed in the 8 months we have been here... I suppose she is right.... we dont find that much to whinge about so once we cleared the air about the weather and they realised they were not in a hotel but staying in our home things got reall good... the kids enjoyed playing with them and showing them all the fab beaches. We had a great day on rottnest island and a swim and although it was emotional at the airport... I realise this in now my home and I am so lucky... to live in a beautiful country in my own home.... I still miss my family and its like I left them all over again but at least they have been here and seen how we live and where we are in Australia.
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19 Sep 2008
We have our first visitor from the UK and its lovely to be in our own home! Showing them round really means we are living here in Australia and this is our home now... . Debbie my friend is quite impressed with the house and the area - says she will visit again .....Got my dad coming to visit on Sunday for 4 weeks -should be good - lots to see and do just wish the weather was a bit more reliable especially with the school hols comming up. I definetly recommend buying a home if you can manage it coz thats when I have really felt at home here. Made some new friends down in Baldivis - everyone seems so friendly and Chris is happy back in his old job based in Port Kennedy- life is just good!

Chris and the kids on a windy cottlesloe beach...
Debbie and I having lunch by the wan bells in Perth
Serpentine Falls !!!
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