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26 May 2011
Thanks for all the support guys. We'd love to take up the offers of coffee/drinks and meet ups once the dust settles - it's been hectic as you will all appreciate. Catch up soon, Mark&Clair.
23 May 2011
Left LHR on Saturday night. Both sets of parents were there to see us off and the goodbyes were harder than I expected. Clair really struggled and it even made her physically ill. It's surprising how something mental takes it's toll on the body!
Flew Emirates from Heathrow via Dubai. The longest leg, from Dubai, was not full leaving lots of room for us to spread out and be comfortable. So far would rank emirates over Cathy Pacific and CP over Qantas but no real complaints about any of them to be honest. The kids couldn't have behaved any better on the flight which makes all the difference.
Landed in the early hours this morning and woke to clear blue sky's. I've low expectations with the winter starting but 21deg here is a stark contrast to the Atlantic storm that greeted the Monday morning start in Ireland today.
Glad we've a mountain of things to sort out over the next few weeks which will keep us busy and help get over the goodbyes.
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