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Move Down Under Expo
30 Sep 2008
Thanks for your comment. It is good to hear from people in the same situation. We are thinking of going NOR but will know more after our Rekkie in Nov.

When are you hoping to make the move? I noticed you have children of school age, how did you decide which school to send them too? I am finding that decison very hard to make as Sarah will start Jan 2010 all going well.


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29 Sep 2008
We shipped the kids off to our babysitter who used to work at our creche yesterday, and headed to Dublin for a 'move down under' expo. We don't often have much time away from the children as our family are all in the UK but we didn't think if fair to drive 3 hours, drag them around an expo and then drive back.

I didn't expect to gain a great deal from the event but it was better than expected. It was good to speak first hand to the immigration office and ask all those silly questions you think you know the answer to but aren't entirely sure. On the jobs front, there weren't any decent recruitment agencies suitable for Clair (Customer Service) and there was only one agency that was suitable for me. It was reassuring to hear that I should have no problem securing a job but because we are going for permanent residency they basically said get back to them nearer the time we are ready to move. That could be 6 to 12 months since we are only just in a position to submit the visa application.

We came back with a new determination to close out the loose ends on the visa application and get it submitted. One less step is not having to get documents certified if we submit them electronically, scanned in colour. All I need to do now is get the letter from work confirming my employment with them. I'm not looking forward to that. It feels like almost handing in your notice but still having to work for 6 to 12 months after - I guess I can say goodbye to any bonus or annual pay rise!

Was it worth it? It would have been if we didn't have to drive for 6 hours (and pay the babysitter). But we did learn a few things.
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