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02 Apr 2009
Hi all
Bad day today we have been waiting for about four weeks for them to send us our visa and have just found out that they have capped the business skills visa and we will have to wait for them to make their final decision until 1 July. Not a happy family tonight!!!!
On the positive side I guess its better than a no and if they were going to say no they would of.We are not looking to move until Novenber and the house has only just gone on the market so its not that big a problem but it would of been a bloody good feeling having the visa in the bag .Well I guess its back to crossing everthing again and oh yeh more waiting.We should get use to waiting as that and form filling is all I seem to of done over the last year.Good luck to all of you out there just starting your application or waiting on you decision .SEE YOU ALL SOON WE HOPE IN SUNNY PERTH.
Thanks for reading my woffel it wont help you but it helps me
once again thanks all and good luck
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