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30 Jul 2009
oh well got visa need to be in Perth by 17th Nov all very happy or so I thought.It seems my 15 year old son was more unhappy about the move than I thought.Had to have father and son chat with him oh I do like them anyway the outcome was we or should I say I decided to comprimise with him and decided to come to Perth in Oct for 1 month to have a good look around and have visa stamped then return to the uk until he finishes his normal school life about June 2010 and then he will give us 100% comitment when we do move to Perth.I thought for the sake of a few months it would be worth it.Not the rest of the family in making 1 child happy I have upset the rest of the family.Its great being the dad sometimes!!!!!! Oh well got to go now as I still have some more grovelling to do
see you all in Oct
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