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the journey
11 Sep 2010
Singapore- Stayed a traders hotel just off orchard road the main shopping area .
What a fantastic city clean ,hot ,friendly,top class service but expensive.
Great place for shopping ,eating,shopping walking and sightseeing oh and shopping!!
Not a place for young children. Went on a night time safari the tour guide was better than the safari

Stayed in an apartment in china town great apartment but area was not for a young family. Only 5 minutes walk from darling harbour. Darling harbour is a tourist area full of shops and restaurants surrounding the water (absolute heaven for me food and boats in the same place I could of stayed there for ever). Again food and service was good and inexpensive.Jumped on a ferrie to see Sydey harbour bridge and opera house these where a bit of a let down a lot smaller than they look on tv pretty of a night time thougth.The locals are very friendly and helpful here you see them all the time stopping to help the tourist. One of my daughters wanted to go to bondi beach as she has been watching it on tv for ages when we arrived she said this is not bondi there are no fit life guards and the beach is really small (very clever in how they film it) it is a nice beach though.

Finally arrived in Perth and it is raining
Airport was fantastic off the plane and into car within 5 minutes.
Got to holiday villa in Mullaloo nice house but a bit dirty. We have lots to do so it has taken me a week to type this.
Priority is to find longterm rental this seems to be a slow proccess as you have to wait until they open a property for you to view to see.We cant enrol the children into school until we have a long term rental. It gets a bit stressy a time but you just have to go down to Mullaloo beach and you soon calm down.
Off to see some houses today and start car hunt I am sure that will be fun too.

sky park singapore
family and merlion statue singapore
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